Vandal X


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After a delay because of you know what, we are finally able to announce a new Vandal X release! We're extremely excited to inform you that 'XXV' the 25 years celebration albums of Vandal X will see the light of day on the 10th of December. Featuring a Limited edition white vinyl "best of" remixed and remastered and a CD full of previously unreleased demo's, live recordings and rarities!

Vandal X celebrates 25 years and releases a birthday present: ‘XXV’, a vinyl with a best of and a CD with rarities.

All these years, the band hasn’t given a damn about what was or wasn’t fashionable. Instead, Vandal X has always done its own thing. Heavy and at the same time sharp guitar riffs supported by sledgehammer blows on drums. The sound is heavy and aggressive. The lyrics are a cynical fillip to the scourges and inanities of our times. Vandal X seems to be an outlet for anger and sometimes frustration.

Vandal X’s record includes a performance on the main stage of Pukkelpop. Also: a second place in the Limburg rock competition Limbomania and numerous gigs at home and abroad. And the fact that they were the first Belgian band to record with Steve Albini. And played billiards with him.