Cross Bringer

The Sign of Spiritual Delusion

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Crossbringer is a new band founded by members of Euglena and The Homeless is Dead in 2019. Despite the kilometers separating the members (who are currently located in Belgium and Russia), they managed to record their debut album The Sign of Spiritual Delusion, which will be released in September, 2020 on Consouling Sounds.


The Sign of Spiritual Delusion was recorded just before the outbreak of the global pandemic and resonates with the current atmosphere of confusion, deprivation and madness.  The 7-track album is a journey through illusions, delusions, anger, grief, agony, deprivation, self-loathing and obsession, guided through by hallucinations, flash-backs, voices and prayers, giving space to reflection, obtainment of self-control and much needed resurrection of self, stepping into the new cycle of martyrdom that is yet to be broken.