Insect ark

Future Fossils

Released in

Fall 2021, we offer you Future Fossils, a collection of solo archived outtakes, excerpts, and live improv tracks born between 2016-2018.

After 9 years of existence, Insect Ark has come full circle to once again embrace solo work on 2021’s Future Fossils.

Future Fossils is the first step in a continuing revisitation of Schechter’s solo work, and she adds, “I felt now was a good time to do solo work again. I love to collaborate, and I always will - but I also relish the sense of discovery, of reaching uncharted territory, and the freedom to adapt and shift at a moment’s notice. Those can only happen when performing alone.”

With 2 more new albums on the immediate horizon – another all-solo-synth material, as a full-length LP, and a full new “duo/band” LP – Schechter’s musical output as Insect Ark has once again proven to defy genres, resist trends, and thwart expectations, leaving us all guessing to where she will traverse next.

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