Introducing: Endlingr

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E n d l i n g r, instrumental psychedelic scape-rock trio from Ghent dropped their first videoclip 'Rauchblau'! The single is taken from their upcoming debut album 'From The Molten Vaults' which will be released on the 15th of January 2021.


On a bright and warm summer day you wonder why life is good, putting up your feet and having a beer while a ray of sun smacks you in the face. Endlingr is that ray, albeit a ray of sound hurling you around the room with energetic climaxes and leaving you concerned with the welbeing of the musician. A combination of noise and boise welded together by craftsmen who's creative origin can be traced back to an innercity factory scene of a 50s film noir. Let us trade music for love and money for experience. We are one musician playing for an image. We are an image. Aren't we?