24 Hours of Deep Listening of 24HDL is een evenement van het label Consouling Sounds, waarin experimentele meditatieve muziek centraal staat. De muziek staat voorop maar daarnaast is er veel aandacht voor de ziel. Muzikanten getuigen over hoe ze werk en leven verenigen. Waarom kiezen voor de kunst, ook in tijden waarin dat helemaal niet meer evident is?
24 Hours of Deep Listening or 24HDL is an event by the label Consouling Sounds, focussing on experimental, meditative music. It’s first and foremost about the music, but with great attention for the soul. Musicians testify on how they combine work and life. Why choose art as a profession, even in times when this choice seems more difficult than ever?
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Tijdens het evenement luisteren we naar uiteenlopende artiesten die elk op hun manier muziek brengen om helemaal in op te gaan.  Daartussenin denken we na over de uitdagingen om muziek te brengen en te beleven, in het bijzonder in tijden van Corona. Tijdens een Covid-talk en een Care-talk leggen we ons oor te luisteren bij mekaar. Omdat Covid-19 het onmogelijk maakt artiesten van veraf naar Gent uit te nodigen, zullen bands uit de US en Rusland op een andere manier aanwezig zijn op het festival. Ze maken opnames, clips en animaties die tijdens het event ontdekt kunnen worden. Fotograaf Peter Baele stelt tentoon terwijl huisfotograaf Bart Verhelst alles vastlegt op de gevoelige plaat. Stichting Zwart filmt het hele gebeuren. Wie niet aanwezig kan zijn, kan het festival daarna via de film beleven. Waar dan ook ter wereld je je bevindt, of je nu al dan niet in quarantaine moest… 24HDL 2020 is een poging om beleving te brengen op een podium en die nadien te delen met zoveel mogelijk mensen, op een zo haalbaar mogelijke manier.

24 Hours of Deep Listening
2 & 3 oktober 2020
Lakenmetershuis, Vrijdagmarkt, Gent

Consouling Sounds vindt het belangrijk iets te ondernemen opdat muzikanten en technici terug kunnen doen waar ze goed in zijn: kunst maken, kunst brengen. Voor het evenement werd een risicobeheersend draaiboek uitgewerkt om de gezondheid van alle deelnemers, zowel het publiek als de artiesten als de medewerkers, zo goed mogelijk te beschermen. Indien er omwille van maatregelen uitgevaardigd door de overheid op het moment van het festival geen publiek toegelaten mag worden, dan zullen alle tickethouders de kans krijgen een terugbetaling te vragen. Wie specifieke vragen heeft over de veiligheidsmaatregelen die genomen worden om 24HDL veilig te laten verlopen kan contact opnemen met de organisatie via info@consouling.be.


During the event we listen to several artists who all bring immersive music in their own way. During a Covid talk and a Care talk we put our heads together to share thoughts and ideas. Since Covid-19 makes it impossible for artists to travel from far away to Ghent some bands from the US and Russia will participate in another way. They will make recordings, clips or animations, which can be discovered during the event. Artist photographer Peter Baele will exhibit his work while in-house photographer Bart Verhelst will document the whole experience. Stichting Zwart will film the whole event. Those unable to attend the festival will be able to catch the experience via this movie. Wherever in the world you might be, whether or not you have to quarantine… 24HDL is an attempt to bring an experience of music on a stage as close to you as one possibly can.

Practical info:
24 Hours of Deep Listening
October 2 & 3, 2020
Lakenmetershuis, Vrijdagmarkt, Gent

Consouling Sounds finds it’s important to undertake something in order to have artists and sound technicians do what they do best: to make art, to make an experience. In order to organise the event in such a manner that the health of all participants, the audience as well as the artists and the staff involved, is secured, a detailed risk management scenario was developed. If at the time of the festival it is impossible to attend because of measures taken by the government, then all ticket holders will be able to ask for a refund. For specific questions on the safety measures taken with regard to 24HDL, the organisation can be contacted via info@consouling.be




Update 14.08.2020

24 Hours of Deep Listening, an attempt at a hybrid festival for a worldwide community.

A few years ago, we played around with the idea of a ‘deep listening’ music event. The music we release on our label had become so diverse, and we were trying to find a word to define that quality which all of these bands have in common. Deep listening seemed to hit the spot, since it is both a phrase connected to music history, as it is a therapeutic concept. The latter refers to listening with your whole being. Truly, madly, deeply. It’s an act of involvement. It’s the want to be near.

So in 2019 we finally set about our plans. It was at a certain time when we were organising so many Consouling Sounds events (all credit to Michel Sol!) when Mike proposed to glue all of those elements together and transform them into something bigger. Hence the concept of 24 Hours of Deep Listening, or 24HDL was born. It became a two-day showcasing festival on several locations in Gent and Kortrijk, where music and interviews intertwined with each other in the atmosphere of coming together around the artistic life projects. It was a way to get in depth conversations going between the artists, our beloved community and us. While watching the movie created of the festival by Stichting Zwart, it felt like the fantastic beginning of an expedient future.

But 2020 would have to be bolder. We wanted more focus on bringing people together. We began to consider that if we could translate the feeling of being present together at a certain event, to the online environment of the Internet, that it would suit our worldwide dispersed community. Ann-Sophie Dewaele inspired us big time with her talented story telling via our social media during the 2019 edition. It was there and then that a nuclear reaction went down in the brain of our company. Because if we could involve people in real time it would not matter whether they would reside in the same physical space.

24HDL then and there became a long-term engagement, a way to focus our research. It would offer a way to ‘be’ present, but not in a geographical sense. If you have fans in the US, Europe, Russia and China, you can’t stop at sending them LPs. You have to invite them to shake hands, even if only in a virtual way. Next we considered this way of organising a festival wouldn’t only bring a dispersed group together, but would also offer solutions for people who couldn’t attend a live concert because of health reasons. And thus the event would equally handle the topics of health and wellbeing. We asked for support of the Flemish government and received it. We were ready to experiment!

At that time though, our plans sounded a tad theoretical, abstract even. Until Corona happened, and next thing you knew everybody was experimenting with online shows. In this hugely confusing and stressful period of time, we were a bit disoriented at first, but ever so fierce later on. We had to get this show on the road. A lot of artists, live engineers and technicians were in need of a job. Fans and followers were sending us messages… how they missed live shows. It made clear to us that live streaming would not be the ideal solution. We needed to bring people together. Offline if possible, online if needed!

All of these considerations made us develop 24HDL 2020 as it is now. Just a show for a limited amount of people, but with side-projects to let so many more come together in a digital way. With a movie being made, that will capture more than just the music. The organisation of a festival in these times is quite complex. You’re thinking twice about whether or not you will offer drinks, food - or space for that matter - to your visiting crowd. You cannot go about without ensuring everybody’s safety as well as you possibly can. You need a safety and health scenario for fans and artists. You need to take into account travel limitations. You need to have a lot of back up plans.

But we are doing it. Even if we don’t know where we will end up. It wouldn’t be possible without the support of many partners: the Flemish government, the CM (social health service Christelijke Mutualiteit), and lots of local entrepreneurs. It might not be the edition we could have had, but it’s an edition we would never have had if not for the pandemic. 2020 shook us and looked us straight in the eye: were we going to lose faith? Or were we going to rise and reinvent ourselves? As it turns out our team loves transformation. And I love that it does.

One last thought though. The 2020 edition of 24HDL is only the beginning. We have done research into VR and thought about our ‘technology readiness’. We concluded the best VR environment would only work when it’s built for a community, not for a business. Who knows what the future will bring? The near future will be, in any case, to involve you! As a musician, a music enthusiast, a technology developer, a dreamer, a storyteller and simply as a music fan you can guide us towards the future paths we could take. This is also what 24HDL is all about. Tell us all about your hopes and wishes to come together, wherever you are. Just ‘be’ there. Truly, madly, listening deeply.


Nele Buys.



Update 01.09.2020

General Precautions regarding COVID-19

For those who will be attending the festival:



Try to keep a social distance (1,5m) at every moment.

Wear your mouth mask correctly.

Regularly wash/disinfect your hands.

Disinfect your hands upon entrance and after every contact with other people or surfaces. We will provide enough hand sanitizers throughout the event location.

Try to minimize contact with other people and surfaces.

All contact areas will be cleaned on a regular basis.

Follow the mapped out routes and arrows. Try to follow the one-way routes.

We will not provide drinks or food, we will take that into account and provide regular breaks to go out and have a drink or have dinner outside (there are many great places around the event location that need support!)

Try to avoid travelling with public transport. You are obliged to wear a mouth mask if using public transport. Also try to maintain social distancing if you’re carpooling, otherwise you should wear a mouth mask as well.

If you’ve been feeling ill the last 7 days (Covid-19 symptoms), you will not be allowed in the building (please be straightforward in this) It’s very important to let us know if this would be the case.

Contact us immediately if you notice Covid-19 symptoms up to 14 days after the event.

We will keep your personal information safely stored up until 30 days after the event. In case of contamination, we will be able to take the right measures and contact the right people if needed.

If there is a cancellation of the event due to official reasons beyond our control, we will be able to give you several options regarding refunds.


(These measures will be altered according to government’s recommendations, we will update the list according to any relevant changes for the indoor festival.)

If you have any questions regarding these measures, the corona contact person is Sienie Van Geerteruy, sienie@consouling.be.